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Hi, all my fans, hi! Yes, I know. It's been a whole four months of leave. Where did I go? I guess I was sucked into the normalcy of life. My life was too normal. I had nothing extraordinary to share. But do I ever? I think I came to terms with my life being... Continue Reading →


I opened my laptop to start working on a lab report and, as per usual, clicked on every relevant internet tab that would qualify as productive but unrelated to actual work I needed to do, hence the blog post. Today was much more work centered than most days. I woke up at 7:00 to go... Continue Reading →

Preface (as I do all of my stories, comments, and thoughts): I began this at the end of the semester and am just now getting to it three weeks later. So this was written in three spurts. Maybe it will be disjoint. Maybe I am unconcerned if that is the case. Some say there is... Continue Reading →

Hi Folks. 'TIS THE SEASON FOR UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS, JINGLE BELL TEACHER EARRINGS, AND DECKING THE HALLS WITH TACKY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS LEFTOVER FROM CHILDHOOD. I write this in a strange mood (aka my blogging mood), as various bits of my life weigh heavier than normal. DISCLAIMER: I think this post will have pieces of many... Continue Reading →

NOTE: Posted two days after arrival. Written two days prior.  I am, yet again, emotional. Are you surprised? Probably not, considering I always write when I’m emotional. The only poems I have ever written were all at the same time on one single night of this semester where I just couldn’t. All of my blog... Continue Reading →

Hello it's been probably too long since my last post. The majority of the uni term has passed since... So this may not cover it all. I'll probably post a more interesting one when I'm waiting on an inevitable layover before I arrive in Florida WHAT'S THAT FLORIDA YOU SAY?!? Yes Florida!!! My loving parents are lovingly... Continue Reading →

Ok there is too much to say. Naturally I'll start with the first day and see where my yapping takes me? 17 hours of flights, 2 crappy airplane meals, 20 handfuls of homemade chia-packed granola, 0 showers later, I arrive in Wellington, New Zealand. Bus leaves in 5 hours so of course I go soak... Continue Reading →

Monday 2/15: "Mom can you grab my passport and visa so I can make copies before I fly out tomorrow." *step step step shuffle shuffle shuffle* pause "I thought I gave them to you?" *stops sweeping* "You can't find them?" "Hold on let me look again..." Three hours later the what-seemed-tiny house (until you're looking for crucial... Continue Reading →

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