Basking in Nebraski

Preface (as I do all of my stories, comments, and thoughts): I began this at the end of the semester and am just now getting to it three weeks later. So this was written in three spurts. Maybe it will be disjoint. Maybe I am unconcerned if that is the case.

Some say there is a first for everything. Does that mean there is a first for writing a blog post that is not spurred by a tearful emotional state? Probably. Does that mean there is a first for writing a blog post that is spurred by your mother tweeting at you very randomly because she wants to read something new? Also probably (definitely).

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.42.48 PM.png

Ok that paragraph was written three days ago. It is now three days later and I am emotional and I think I am sad to leave Purdue and that’s weird for a number of reasons.

  1. Lafayette/West Laf is not your ideal town, but somehow this year it has REALLY grown on me, so much so that I have slipped (far too many times to refer to it as slipping) and called it home. So, I guess I feel like I am leaving home, again. I keep getting new homes and then having to leave them and make new ones. At least I get to come back?
  2. I should be excited because I have a three month internship that I am super super thankful to have. You’re reading/listening to Cargill’s somewhat-newest Food Safety and Quality Chemist Intern! What does that mean? Think of it as me saving you from nasty food. That’s right folks, I decide if you get good or bad food so I am basically Santa Claus(e?). Hopefully this means everyone starts trying to get on my good side and buys me free things like food and gift cards and blankets and headbands and jeans and oh, I really need a new umbrella and while you’re at it, I would love a pair of Chaco brand boots. Ahem.
  3. I get to live in Nebraska! Yes. I love living new places and in new areas of the US that I have thus far set no foot in. It is far from errrrbody I know (but so was New Zealand?) and apparently is boring but I think if I found beauty in West La-La, I can find beauty anywhere.

Currently LOLing because I just laughed for a good 10 minutes as my phone call with madre turned into facetime with the family as they chowed down on some good ole corn on the cob. This invites a memory into mind that is worth noting. The Games fam is IMG_2766notorious for sit down meals gone sour. Take the time mom made corn on the cob. As we begin to dig our teeth into the juicy kernels, spraying siblings left and right, Edward falls into a state of giggling that will not end. I mean it would. not. end. Apparently the silence + siblings with corn splashes on their cheeks + chomping/smacking/slurping was a funny combo (it was). Also worth noting from facetime call: Newt feeding me his burrito and a piece of corn. Dad asking me to sing the Nacho Libre song that is played while Nacho and Stephen frivolously spend money on items such as shiny white boots and “recreation clothes” and delicious corn. Mavis wiggling because to her, familial laughter cancels the rule that she must remain on her rug. Dad leaving the room and reentering with the Nacho song playing as he enjoys a mid-dinner jig. Newton explaining the way mom does not know how to flip the camera so she turns the front-facing camera call toward the person sitting opposite her and sticks it in their face. Newton explaining the way mom talks to Siri a little too closely and how Siri sounds more like a human than mom does: “SIRI. TAKE, ME, HOME.” “SIRI. TEXT, FRITZ.”


Noteworthy side note: Today, Sister Chloe snapped me a pic of her being a lethargic slug in her darkened quarters.

Today, I wrote a review for Rice Cafe (plug: best Chinese food in W Laf, sometimes sparse on the meat, but still the best). I looked it up and shed a tear at its meager three stars, then proceeded to rate it five and write a convincing review of how their food was on point and their lo mein was also on point and all of the negative reviews are dumb because isn’t there always something to complain about? One girl gave them two stars because she was let in early and then had to wait for her food. Ugh. I’m at fault too. I want to rant about this but I think it would be more convincing in an emotional state. Pending: Rant Regarding Whiny Collegiates, Petty Reasoning, and Being in a Hurry. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.47.35 PM

So. I could talk about how I just ordered a two in spiciness (out of five) which seems like it would be a good spiciness without being too hot or too mild. Ya know? So I ate it and then my body started leaking out of pores I didn’t know I had and so I used my napkin to soak up the leaking fluids (what am I emitting anyway?) and then I also used one to blow my nose and then I threw them on the ground (that’s not an important detail though and I guess I have the editing power but I’d rather sit here and type type type than press the delete button because then that messes wit my flow and u don wanna mess wit my flo bro namsayin?). I laughed to myself aloud because I bet Rice Cafe didn’t provide napkins for my sweating glands but rather my dirty hands but honestly that’s what forks are for am I right???

So now I am sitting in my room waiting for Danielle the Intern because I am going to cut her hair for the second time and I am going to teach her to make one of those middle school-girl-birthday-gift blankets that are easy to make. Who would guess that Van Games would be teaching crafts and cutting hair? Not me. No-one said either of those would turn out well and I 99% guarantee they won’t (sorry Danielle the Intern). Speaking of Danielle the Intern, remember when, 10 months ago, I raved about how great she was? Maybe I didn’t on the blawg but I deffo did to millions of people. So, she’s even better because she takes all my hammy-downs and wears them and then looks like me and that makes me happy because I feel like a walking Goodwill. Also. We have three Goodwills here and they are all above average and my room and closet have both turned into Goodwill and I go there at least once a week and it makes me so happy. If I am ever sad all I have to do is putter on over to Goodwill or the grocery (preferably Walmart or Meijer), and then I am happy again. And happy is an understatement.

Also. I officially found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’m talking the best. You don’t have to agree with me, but when I am discovered and my bakery/brewery/food truck is put on the Food Network, you don’t get to cut in line since you didn’t appreciate them when you had the chance. And if you did appreciate them then you can cut in line but you can’t have a free one because then everyone would get a free one since everyone should appreciate them now (except Zach Wittman) and then I wouldn’t make any money! Oh my. I do like food trucks though and honestly would consider dropping my short-term goals for a food truck expedition.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Me being an almost senior.

Can we just talk about how I am a senior? Wow. It seems like just yesterday that I was begging mom to let us take a homeschooling break at 10am to watch PBS CyberChase, aka the only TV I remember prior to middle school. It seems like just yesterday that in M’boro, TN, Ann Lundy received a cone for her first day of real school (tradition in Germany), and I watched excitedly, anticipating my first day when I too would receive a cone, only to be offered a Reeves-Sain milkshake that day one year later. It seems like just yesterday that in BG, KY, I began middle school, my first day in public school, somewhat embarrassingly awakened to the fact of the unibrow I sported daily, or that pantsing actually happened and unfortunately, the school pantser was in my lunch class, which meant she was also in my group that walked around the walking circle for break, which meant that I lived in fear of being pantsed every single day of eight grade. It seems like just yesterday that I was a tiny freshman, excited about getting braces because then I would get to go to school late with a cookie dough milkshake in hand, and doesn’t everyone look cute with braces? That’s what I thought, but that’s not what pictures say. It seems like just yesterday that I was in route to Purdue, so excited about my future as a Boilermaker. How is it that I was a freshman in college! All the college students I grew up around with dad being a campus minister, and I was finally that age. It has never seemed real to me.

Today, I arrived in Blair, NE after an 11 hour trek cross-country. Landscape changes were as follows: beautiful green Kentucky, unappealing flat Indiana, peacefully flat and farmy Illinois, confusingly-appealing-rolling-and-hilly farmy Iowa, BAM NEBRASKA. The town is less than 8,000 people strong, but what’s most important is that it still has a Goodwill (hello weekends!) and a Walmart. Thrift and Grub should be my updated blog name, eh? I stayed at a hotel last night and I arrived in my KY-appropriate jean shorts and chacos. First human interaction there is a thirteen year old girl and mother. Girl: cute outfit! Mom: You must be cold! Two minutes later… Worker: you cold, girl? Lady following worker: murmur murmur cold weather murmur murmur shorts murmur murmur. Me: it’s fifty degrees…. And yes I’m cold. And yes, I’m going to grab my basketball in my car and play on this neato court y’all have. And yes, I’m going to shout aloud as I enter my sick room that is mine. Alone. Idk who my neighbors were but maybe they moved rooms as I enjoyed the privacy by screeching out of excitement, doing a jig in the mirror, ripping my shirt off because ain’t nobody around to see if I’m dressed, and blasting Say Yes to the Dress. This was after I approached the young man at the front desk to let him know some foolish child had dropped ice cream on the third floor. I felt old and entitled ok?

Anyway. I am excited for this internship. I am super ready to learn and apply and get a glimpse of the working world into which I will soon enter. I can’t help but be nervous, because I hate not knowing what to expect, but I also love a good challenge and new places/people. Change is exciting! I remember praying and praying about getting an internship, feeling totally unworthy of getting one (still do), and God providing (as always), this time very in line with what I asked. Now that I am here, I have to remind myself that I really prayed for this and wanted it, and God REALLY provided. My parents keep reminding me that I am where God wants me to be, and He has brought me to Nebraska for a reason. And whether or not it goes well or I am comfortable or it is challenging, this is the place in which He has willed me to be so it is good. I am trying to remain comforted and content with that knowledge. This verse continues to remind and strengthen me (pretty sure I’ve said this before but so what???)!

“Return to your rest my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” Psalm 116:7





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