Perspiring & Don’t Know What to Do? 

It’s midnight and I have to get up in 7 hours so that I have an hour to drink coffee before I hop on my fresh new bike wheels and zip off to class 1 of 4 but that’s just Monday. Speaking of coffee… I’ve been using every chance I can to tie in the following short spill. I have to share this because it’s the closest I’ll get to evangelism for coffee… Like when you think God is so great that why wouldn’t you want to tell everyone about Him? Same with this… maybe not as good but hey it’s up there… Thanks to my summer job, I have a newfound zeal for cold coffee (and also a newfound hole in my wallet from all the iced coffees at every local coffee shop I see). Iced coffee, iced latte, that’s the extent– but that’s more than the past “daily grind no room for cream thanks.” SO it’s hot in the summer right? And it already stinks when you walk outside and sweat a bucket before you get to your destination… well add on a necessary hot coffee and you really need to carry two buckets around as well as a quick stop at a drain to empty one just so you can refill it with your sweat. Well sweat no more! COLD COFFEE IS EASY TO MAKE AT HOME. Yeah, and it takes less preparation than hot! Throw a high concentration of coarse coffee grinds into a french press (or mason jar for you hipsters out there) and fill it up with not-hot water and then mix mix mix!! (I just gagged because I really dislike that word). Then it just sits at room temp. and works some unearthly magic and 12 hours (minimum, up to 24) later, you’ve got cold brew coffee! Mix the highly concentrated coffee with some regular water, throw in some cashew milk (yes it’s so on point) and plunk in an ice cube or three. It’s rid of the acidic bite and sweat-inducing powers yet has a more smooth and full flavor.
As much as I’d love to talk coffee all day, even though this is practically talking to myself and I do that every day about coffee, I’ll move on to other things. Like RUF. Same deal… I just always want to talk about it because I really, really don’t know what I would do without it. So ever since getting on campus, we’ve had an RUF event like every day. That entails burning up in our heavy-duty cotton t-shirts that sport the trendy RUF logo… they are almost as bad as the coffee when it comes to sweating… Maybe you think I just sweat all day? Well, you’re right. Gross. Anyway. The greatness is the people. *Interjection* AND WE PLAY FOUR SQUARE ISN’T THAT SWELL. We are all really great at being awkward together. Can you major in awkwardness? I’d like to. I never realize how crucial and supportive it is to have a constant Christian community until I don’t have one. Coming back from New Zealand and reflecting on it as I re-experience life at Purdue, I see what was missing. I made little to no effort to meet Christians and be involved in a church. Here, I go to a great church and am always around RUFians. The encouragement I receive from the students here and the ability I have to struggle openly is so overwhelming and quite necessary to my “survival” as a Christian. Not that I’m perfect now or anything… but I am quite reenergized and constantly reminded of the grace I am extended by a merciful, omnipotent King. And I too easily forget that. I was able to give my testimony at the first RUF meeting; it was a really great opportunity to reflect (something I am quite terrible at doing) on the past twenty years and how I have grown, changed, and learned throughout them. As I looked out into the group of students, I saw responsive expressions and people who were really listening to what I had to say. Who knew I could also encourage others with a life I view as full of imperfection and far too many slip-ups.
Another thing about RUF… we have a new girl intern. She’s great!!!!! (I only say that in case she reads this). (Ha ha just kidding). Why is she great? She let me cut her hair. Like, snip snip to her already short-ish hair. Like, lots of room for mess up. WOW. I didn’t ruin her look! Like, she looks pretty fabulous. If anyone wants a haircut don’t ask me because I’d like to stick with my record. 1 for 1.
Also important- I am in school. All my classes start with food _____. That’s basically all I need to know to say it’s gonna be a pretty great semester.
Maybe it’s time I hit the hay, hit the sack… was gonna list off lots of bedtime puns but then realized I only know two. So.


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