Me, Talking.

Hello it’s been probably too long since my last post. The majority of the uni term has passed since… So this may not cover it all. I’ll probably post a more interesting one when I’m waiting on an inevitable layover before I arrive in Florida WHAT’S THAT FLORIDA YOU SAY?!? Yes Florida!!! My loving parents are lovingly allowing me to fly to the beach and extend my semester long vacation.. with my family!! At the beach!! Maybe you’re thinking “why are you excited about the beach you are in NZ the vacation spot of all vacation spots.” Yes I love it here but you know what makes a beautiful place more beautiful? Spending it with people you love so dearly. If I had to say one downside of my stay here, it would be that I cannot share these special memories with the people who mean so much to me. BUT anyway yes I cannot wait to arrive in Florida and reunite with my very wonderful, very crazy, very missed family minus the black shadow and two sibs. Here’s how I feel about Mavis not being there *internal screaming*:


Anyway. I write this following an emotional Sunday. After seventeen years of crying once a year, one year of crying once a month, and one year of crying every Sunday because my engineering assignment was due the next morning, I have finally reached my unique crying timeline. I cry about two times a month. I let every worry, stress, pressure, and conflict pile up like a monstrous bowl of ice cream scoops. Each worry is a scoop. Relatively, the sprinkles on top (even though I don’t like sprinkles) are small compared to the scoops. But it’s always the one too many sprinkle that makes the pile topple over. That sprinkle could be a receptionist at the doctor saying I have to see the doctor just to get a new cloth to wrap my foot. It’s a piece of fabric!! Or it could be the call from my parents insisting I go to the hospital right away when I thought my foot was just fine. Or it could even be the OTHER doctor telling me my leg is fine, my inflamed and painful calf is probably a bug bite and has NOTHING to do with my sprained ankle. Five hours of waiting in a hospital for them to tell me to take more painkillers. So yesterday I realized how much trust I have been putting in my abilities, a not-so-great healthcare system, and NOT God. How many times do I have to have a massive breakdown to realize this!!

I could complain for ages but so can anyone. So nah that’s over did you come here to read a sob fest? If so go read the Odyssey blogs (or my twitter posts regarding the Odyssey blogs). Enjoy this preview:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.25.16 PM.png

Maybe I’ll start with the story of HOW my ankle got hurt. Because it did.. if you didn’t catch that… So my hall plays basketball every Monday night and it’s my favorite part of the week because I feel that I am making up for all the games I sat out of in middle school because I was too timid to even attempt a shot. I did break a rival’s best girl’s arm once… then my coach took me out?? Anyway. So I guess it’s funny to make the short girl go for the jump ball at the very beginning of the game. Apparently so… Well I summoned my “white girl hops” and shot up for that ball. As I landed, wearing my unsupportive, worn out, neon pink running shoes, my ankle inverted and I was DONE. I’ve been waiting for this day… after all of the trail running ankle rolls, I twist my weak ankle playing social league? Ok. I didn’t even win the jump ball. Bye. I’ll find redemption elsewhere.

Next I’d like to talk about my classes. Except I don’t know how because who goes to class when they’re in New Zealand LOL. Just kidding I go once in a white moon (the moon is not blue y’all are color blind). I’m in microbiology.. and that’s all I need to say because you’re probably shedding tears for me at the thought of it. I’m taking nutritional biochemistry extramurally which means I’m not taking nutritional biochemistry. Oops. I’m in macroeconomics, where the prof takes half the lecture to talk about when our next test is and then drops the Trump bomb here and there so I don’t go anymore. Last class is identity and belonging which is fantastic! I think I’m a wannabe sociology major but I won’t cave. We talk about Maori culture and history, the adult students sit in the front row and attempt to teach the class and bless everyone with their enlightening opinions whilst never considering another’s more educated, more popular opinion. Adult students, you are here to learn too. I don’t recall you having Dr. or Professor in front of your name…

New Zealand is gorgeous, did you know? There are gorges and tramps and glow worm caves and beaches 30 minutes away from the town I live in!! The ease of travel and ability to get to major places within like three hours is a fave part. Speaking of “gorge”ous…. Sockos and gorge!!


However… it has been raining for a week straight and currently the ten day forecast is raincloud/rain x 10. AHHHHH. It’s a good thing I already twisted my ankle and cannot run otherwise I’d probs twist my ankle in all this rain. There are possums here but they are actually cute! Not bald and ratty. They look kinda like raccoons. But lurk in the trees at night and scatter from their trash-can delving as soon as humans appear. They’re still gross and always will be but at least they have hair here. There are also a lot of spiders. When I find them in my room you won’t find me in my room no more, I’ll be out tha door REAL quick, eyes peeled on the spider blur and voice summoning Kayley to pls exterminate the tiny threat. Every night as I lay in bed, I take probably a total of ten minutes swatting at my face because I feel spiders crawling on me (probably imaginary, no, definitely imaginary). I won’t risk being a part of the statistic indicating approx. 7 spiders are swallowed in sleep per human.

So now I will mention some funny phrases.

Heard today from girl running outside window: “Oh my gosh it’s snowing!!” *As it begins to hail*

The rest are Kayley: “Is it true that in America you can buy these canisters of dough and you hit them and it explodes and then you bake it?” *regarding biscuits in cans*

How high does hail fall from, and does it fall from the clouds?

Also, lotsa people ask me how I live in a country where anyone can just have a gun, and am I scared every time I go out in public?

And the worst: “How do you feel about Trump?” That’s when I wave and walk away.

Ok so I haven’t said much about my travels or much of anything really. I like to talk about my feelings what can I say… When I am waiting on that inevitable layover I will write about my rad travels. This blog was more of my vent/study break/doctor’s office activity. So here are some cool pictures with not at all relevant captions.

This is me barely holding on as the semester wraps up.
And this is how I’ll feel after it ends.
This is what I wish I could be doing/what I will be doing with my fam in a month (minus the beer?)
This is a picture of me and Taylor in a disarray because what will I do now that she has returned to America!? Notice she is a lot happier than I.. :/
Me running from my woes!
The end is so close! At the top are final exams and over the other side is freedom from skool. But also a downward descent into water :/
Me after finals are over..
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Riding off into the night with my trusty steed!
Celebration meals look like this. They do breakfast right.
What study breaks look like with Delilah the Deer!


G’day mate!














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