Here in Kiwi-Land

Ok there is too much to say. Naturally I’ll start with the first day and see where my yapping takes me?

17 hours of flights, 2 crappy airplane meals, 20 handfuls of homemade chia-packed granola, 0 showers later, I arrive in Wellington, New Zealand. Bus leaves in 5 hours so of course I go soak up the sun for 5 hours at the bus stop. 1 local warning me about the spotty ozone layer later, I’m a tomato. But not the kind you buy at the farmers market.. the one they left behind to waste into the ground. So yeah.. I won’t recall the awful bus mixup I had. What’s important is that I finally got to Palmy by bus and they wouldn’t drop me of at school so I cried and got a taxi for a five minute trip that costed more than my three hour bus ride. Ahem.

So everyone calls Palmerston North a hole but they should go to America and see what a hole really is then they’ll come back and kiss the ground and take pictures of the beautiful city they get to live in. For example I get to feed these swans bread (maybe I should say slowly kill…?) every evening. That’s cool!

So I was afraid I’d have a repeat Scotland experience and I’d do too much biscuit eating and too little exercising but DUDE this is an active place. My friends are like “wanna go to BodyPump” and I’m like “ok” and we get active and what not. And that’s like everyday. I also have zero choice but to climb the four flights of steep stairs ten times a day just to get to my hall so that’s good. There’s this freakin awesome five mile trail ON CAMPUS. Need I say more..?

Break time: Now I will list some things I’ve noticed about the Kiwis.

  • They scoff at how not obvious American places/things are named. So I passed a dentist business called “Dentists.” I also went to a brewery called “the brewery.” Also the metric system. All I’ll say is centimeters to meters to kilometers is a much easier/simpler/more obvious transition than centimeters to inches to feet to miles must I continue.
  • You thought chubbies were short… Take a gander at the kiwi fellows then think again. HALF THE SIZE. I don’t mind.
  • Girls wear flowy shorts with nikes and workout clothing ourfits are stylin’ and don’t wear that business suit to your conference just throw on a casual pant and shirt and you’re professional enough.
  • The 1 cafeteria offers water and juice. No soda, milk, hot drinks, or options in general. YES. I see a problem with the 37 drinks I can get in 1 of 5 cafeterias back home. I’ll save my opinionated rants for my wall.
  • No coffee sleeves. But they will waste an extra cup to substitute as one. Also… Go to a cafe and the closest thing to coffee is a long black aka espresso shot with added boiling water to equal 5 sips of coffee.  I drink instant coffee every morning (and I have learned to like it what!). Today at a bus stop shop: me: “a black coffee please.” Lady:”it’s only filtered coffee.. Is that okay?” Me:”hallelujah YES it’s been a month I’ve been on the search for this gold YES!!¡¡”
  • Phrases: “would you like to go to the dairy?” “I’m keen” \ “did you enjoy your meat pie?” “It was yum” \ “hey did you want to summit that mountain with me?” “Sure” “Sweet as” \ “I want to get ice cream/cake/pizza but I can’t be bothered” (probably a direct quote from Kayley)
  • I was excited to buy kumara (sweet potatoes) and make fries so I turned the oven on the highest temperature of 275 confused as to why there was no 350 degrees Fahrenheit only to realize too late that the reason why my fries were horrid was because celsius. Celsius you doofus, celsius.

Now for a lesson on cheesy pickup lines that work I guess. See boy walking out of gym. See same boy in class next day. Walk out of class, boy walks same way. Me: “hey didn’t I see you at the gym last night.” Boy: “probably.” Me: “oh cool.” So yeah now we are friends but that’s due to going on same trip so maybe it worked? Use at your own caution, especially use at your own caution if you did not actually see boy at gym.

So I tried surfing but I can’t actually say I’ve ever surfed but I did manage to ride the board on my knees after three hours of trying so that counts for something? I wore a wetsuit and that took longer to get off than it took me to learn to surf.  Another thing about being kiwi: they think the beach that’s 30 minutes away is crappy. I think the same beach thirty minutes away is extraordinary comparative to the closest beach in America being nine hours away from me.

Last weekend I decided to go mountain biking (this one’s for you dad). Aka the best decision I’ve made all month. All I can say is WOW. But I’ll say more anyway. I’d say I understand why padre loves mountain biking so much. What a great way to experience the  country you’re in! 19 miles of “wow!” “Gorgeous!” “No freakin way” and the occasional “ouch.” It’s even more rewarding when this happens:

And when you see this:

And when you stay in a place like this:

And when you end your first day with a view such as this:

And when you wake up to hike a trail ending in lake SURPRISE!

And when you chill out with a cool crew including boy from class and girl you just met but with whom you are planning a 10 day trip to the South Island beginning in three days:

Yep so that’s a quick picture summary of an amazing weekend. S/o to the Massey Alpine Club.

Also can’t forget about friends because I have them. Laugh all you want but I’m not lying. Yeah maybe they’re sparse but I’m not kidding. I didn’t have to woo them with food this time either! Impessive ay?

In an effort to conclude: I feel like I’m living in a real life Pinterest board. The views I see, the places I go, and the experiences I have are only things I thought could be pinned, imagined, and wished. Things that are so unreal and so majestic that no one could actually find or see themselves. I am overwhelmed by the creativity and glory of our Father. To imagine his creation renewed as it was meant to be! If I can’t believe the things I see here, how much more overcome will I be in the new heavens and new earth!? Praise Him!

P.S. If you are a kiwi keep you chuckles smirks and scoffing to yourself THANKS.

Preview for next blog: brewery hunt/good beer, trip to the South Island, pictures that’ll knock ya off ya feet mahn, unconfirmed elopement to gain NZ citizenship


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