a NEWfound ZEAL for studying AND traveling

Read between the lowercase letters (so the uppercase letters, read those). This girl is goin’ to New Zealand! Much excited, many woo-hoo, such yay! It is by the Lord’s providence that I can finally say those happy words.

I blogged in Scotland and vowed to never attempt it again due to my inability to write. I cannot re-read my posts unless I am in the mood to feel embarrassed and sickly for the remainder of the day. I believe I received the athletic end of the stick, but it must have been a Y-shaped stick because my sisters somehow both got the creative end? So I am warning you: unless you are prepared to think “what” and “tha’ heck did she write that for” and “why would anyone think/say/do that” just don’t bother reading my blurbs. Also, I tell one-minute stories in ten minutes.

All of that ^^ to say I am going to blog while in the Zeal’. I may get to Palmerston North (actual location) and find I am too busy splashing in clear blue waters or counting the sheep (sheep outnumber people there) or practicing my new accent or “tramping” through beautiful trails or expanding my palate or schooling, oops forgot about that, to blog. But I will do my best. I may be blogging to myself. I may be blogging to people who are reading it to make themselves feel better about their own writing. But blogging helps me collect my thoughts and cohesively (sometimes) communicate them to others. Oh, and I am forgetful and would like to be able to remember all of the rad adventures upon which I embark.

Also, I realize I don’t leave for another two months but I am procrastinating studying for my finals and this was my sixth resort. So enjoy (or don’t).



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